The Band

James Conary (left): Bass Guitars
Andrew Economos (back): Drums
Thomas Lapierre III (front): Guitars
Corinne “Cora Bean” Brown; DeCost (right): Vocals

TFL was formed in southeastern New Hampshire in 2008, originally under the name Carson, out of the idea to make music that we would like to hear in the most organic way with Tom, Andrew, and bassist Chris Taylor writing the “…Is Here” EP and “How Darkly We Dream” concept LP. As circumstances changed, Chris left to pursue his ambitions on the West Coast and long-time friend and fellow co-worker James Conary stepped up to complete the trio, quite literally teaching himself from the ground up in superb fashion and ultimately helping to create a new demeanor for the band. From there, everything from hilariously indulgent to seriously badass instrumental jams would form in such places as a dance studio, a garage loft and now a 12×12 jam room and as the band’s sound and dynamic evolved, the need for vocals became apparent. Corinne, who knew Tom and his family for years, enthusiastically offered her voice and musical insight becoming an integral part of TFL’s sound and personality.